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This responsive CSS 3 layout is based on a grid system divided into four boxes. Once a box is clicked, as you just saw, it gets resized to fullscreen and the other three boxes scale down and fade out. In the web work section we experiment with another transition which is to show a panel by making it appear from the bottom while scaling the current one down. The inverse transition is just as important. Credit goes to COD Drops Tutorial on showing this awesome Tutorial.

I'll work on releasing the zip file of this so you can all have such a cool piece of technology. Please leave comments on my post at CSS3.com or My Blog.


Lechlak Works

Maybe one day I'll add in a few more slides, but this is just a demo - you get the picture.

Art Work lovingly created by Andrew Lechlak

At times like these, I wish I had a dribbble account


Inbound Marketing by Lechlak

Reinventing Your Brand

This is a fantastic article I came across on LinkedIn about branding, when to re-brand, and if branding changes your blog. The author of the article and the book they reference shows how branding is not a personal choice to make, but a choice based on the view point of others. This is a fundamental principle in the branding or re-branding process.... Read more

Why it Pays to Have a Company Blog

There are many reasons why you should consider having a company blog, the most engaging being that more than 50% of consumers begin a search for a new business or service online. The battleground for business in the 21st century is not on the high street, but through search engine results.... Read more

RA SEO Efforts Successful

Lately I have been focusing my time on a ton of SEO, search engine optimization, work for RA. My goal is obviously to rank well, duh, but more importantly I am aiming at keeping our bounce rate low, a high conversion rate, and increasing traffic.... Read more

No URLs in Search Results from Google

Google is testing yet another user interface change – this time by not showing the URL of the search results for SEO, search engine optimization, on the results page.... Read more

How to Make Your Website Social Media Friendly

Have you wondered why every business uses social media to market itself? Social media has emerged to be one of the most significant and cost effective ways to market and build a brand. It is therefore only wise to invest some money into your website so that it is social media friendly and therefore accessible to a larger audience. Here are 5 things you can do... Read more

Microsoft simplifies IE testing with modern.ie

In the past, this may have involved some legally questionable installations of Windows XP to test in IE6, but thankfully those days are at an end with Microsoft’s modern.ie site. By heading over to the site’s virtualisation tools page, devs are able to download virtual machines that run IE6 through to IE10 across a combination of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.... Read more


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I didn't feel like sticking a shameful self promotion in here just to get your contact information. Instead I plan on utilizing mind games and knowing that if this tutorial helped you somehow, you'll find a way to contact me...I have no shame.

Rolled Alloys

There are so many features to the new site that I would love to highlight, but my favorite new feature is the markets page which now features a real sliding animation to give us more opportunity to catch the audience's attention. It looks pretty neat sliding from top to bottom like one big card piece.

My Blog

The reason behind a blog is usually for self promotion or for self discovery. In my situation it was a little bit of both. I wanted a way to get the information stored in my brain onto paper or in the digital form and I felt that what I had to say may hold value to people. This is how I came into my own with content development.